Dear Diary…

May 30th, 2012 by Jan

The day had a slow start to it — which was just fine with me. But by 1:30 – we were on a roll for the day. Took the train up town to a fancy dancy dinner at Le Bernardine – we had appetizers and entrées and all that regular fare, but all I seem to be able to remember is that peanut-chocolate-carmel-salt desert thingy. After tasting that thing, it’s possible that I have been wrong all these years — maybe there is a god!

Then as is our habit — we were off for the nights Broadway entertainment. We saw Nice Work if You Can Get It with Matthew Broderick – Loved it! These shows are amazing productions — dancing, singing, costumes, lights, sets — the whole magillia and every performer, musician, stage hand, etc. gives everything they have to the audience and they do it eight times a week! Amazing!

Our walk last night was a tad more challenging as it was raining and walking in a people ocean with umbrella is a dance unto itself. It takes us about six blocks to get out of the serious crowds and get a good pace up as we walk. Our apartment is on 8th St. In Greenich Village, most shows are uptown between 42nd and 58th (jazz up toward 66th)— so we have a good walk after the show each night. Last night we walked to the West Village for an open mic show. We’ve had great luck seeing and listening to some very talented singers at these ope mics, but last night was a bit of a bust. One guy actually read the words to his song off his iphone — not too impressive — hence we came home early-ish and I can’t say I didn’t mind.

One more sleep until I head home — which also means one more big show, blow out meal, and late, late night. Then back to sitting on the patio in the quiet with Ken.

I heart NY but — there is no place like home!

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