December 4th, 2017 by Jan

Here is a little something from the notebooks. I don’t think this one made the cut for Today’s Step, but it is singing to me today.

“People who get what they want, usually know what they want.”

Using outside eyes, I am a very forthright person. I do my best to say what I mean, mean what I say and not say it mean. For the most part, (just ask Ken) I’m rarely short of opinion.

Yet, lately I find myself being wishy washy. I’m having trouble making simple decisions, so the word “no” seems to fly out of my mouth faster than “yes”. Then I change my mind, then I change it again.

Lucky for me – I’m not talking about the big decisions.

The things I find myself struggling to say yes or no to, may not really change my life, but they do change the way I spend my day. And I’ve always said, the quality of my day, will make up the quality of my life.

I remember my friend Kim telling me, that it was just as easy, to say yes as it was to say no. After all, they are both just one word — yes — no.

There’s a book (I haven’t read) written by a woman who spent a year saying yes to what ever came her way. I heard her in an interview, say it was “life-changing”

I’m thinking a book on saying No would be as well. It just may not be as exciting. Perhaps she and I are just walking down different sides of the street right now.

I struggling with questions like… Want to go? Want to stay? Want to mingle? Want to be alone?

Basically I’m asking …Shall I join in or opt out?
Yes, or no?

The other question I’m asking myself these days is… Do I need a story to go with my answer?
Yes, no?

The point is – I have a choice, and nothing screams privilege louder than having a choice!
(Except for maybe having choice and not being able to make it.)

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