January 6th, 2014 by Jan

Last Saturday, Marian, her friend Kristen, and I went to town to see Cavalia!

This is an equestrian and performing arts productions. A Cirque Du Soleil type of show only with horses in the mix.

It was wonderful.

It opened with 16 horses running onto the stage with no humans to be seen. They were gorgeous. I’m not a horse person per se, but the beauty of these creatures was something to behold.

A three hour show, included not just these gorgeous horses, but gorgeous young people, amazing stunts, and acrobats, trick riding, jumping, beautiful staging, amazing effects, fabulous riding, singing and cool costumes.  It was an exciting show and we got to eat popcorn throughout!

We splurged and got VIP tickets. This gave us extra access, like a tour of the horses in the barn after the show, a savoury and desert buffet, an open bar, “free” program, and popcorn. But really the reason for the VIP tickets was second row centre seating. We were very up close and personal to the entire extravaganza.

Years ago, Sam took me to a Sumo Basho in Vancouver, I think between that event, and the shows we’ve seen on Broadway, I’ve learned, if you are going to see a show — get the good seats.

There is a time to cheap out on things, and I am the queen of thrift, but there is also the time to spend a few extra few bucks. For me, shows like Cavalia, are worth the money!

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  1. Kathy

    Oh wow Jan, just watched the you tube video ~ amazing! I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember and will absolutely be getting a ticket when/if they come back.


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