April 27th, 2012 by Jan

Reward programs!

I was in a pharmacy in town, buying batteries, and was asked if I had my “rewards card” with me. Nope, but what kind of reward do you give out here? Oh, we give points and then when you get enough points, you can buy something else.

Personally, I think that reward sucks. Buy something and we will reward you with the opportunity to buy something else.

If you go 30 days without a drink, you get a chip in AA and more than that, people applaud you. Go a year and you get a cake!

In my small world the biggest reward really are just points, chips and cakes. Sometimes a title is bestowed – The well deserved title of Martial Artist of the Year goes to Leslie Lippard this year for her work with PAWMA. Marian was given an honorary doctorate from a university last year. Donavan is getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Frame this year! Reward? Prize? Honour? It is all recognition for work well done.

Some shout outs are at the ready and everyone can easily get involved – Happy birthday, you made it another year! Congratulations you launched an app, published a book, wrote a song, stayed married, finished a project, honoured a contract.

I say we start giving out chips for dealing with a panic attack, or facing fears. How about a cake celebration for coming out of a depression, letting go of a resentment or showing up for practice every day this week.

Today, I’m in the mood to celebrate. I’ll be looking for reasons to back-slap, acknowledge, and definitely, I’m looking for a celebration that will involve some cake!

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