April 20th, 2016 by Jan

Today’s topic in this 30 day writing challenge: Bullet my day

This was my yesterday.

• Wake a little after 6am
• Pee
• Make coffee
• Wonder who the fuck cares about this, and why don’t I write something interesting.
• Read horoscope
• Look at Facebook
• Write and send my first letter to our Prime Minister. I’m asking for help for my friend John Risdel who was kidnapped last year and well, it’s not good. Here is a link on the story. (it is not good) If you’d like to write Prime Minister Trudeau, please do, at <pm@pm.gc.ca> Ask him to do whatever is possible to obtain their release.
• Check in with Linda
• Poop
• Post Day 15 on JJJ
• Started writing this one
• Realize this is going to be a long ass and stupid post…
• Went to the pool for aqua fit class
• Hit the library for three audio books
• Filled out a survey for them
• Met a woman named Laura
• Wrote something that has been on my mind
• Afternoon massage
• Checked mail, Yay! A letter from Anna!
• Had an afternoon snack (potato chips) and read Anna’s letter.
• Made Green chile enchiladas for dinner
• Emailed Kathy
• Finished the book The Birth House by Ami McKay (loved it)
• Took a long walk (finished listening to Diana Nyad’s book) I have a lot of thoughts on this one!
• Watched TV (I’m into the 2013 Roux Scholarship show now)
• Brushed my teeth in private
• Started a new book by David Rakoff
• issed Ken good night.

Tomorrows topic: A quote you try to live by.

2 thoughts on “option8

  1. Michael K

    This series of writing assignments is inexplicably interesting. I know someone who despises green peppers as much as I despise seafood … (it touched my plate? I will eat nothing on the plate).

    Pet Peeves? Asking me what I do for a living when you first meet me. I get it. You want to measure me, judge me, etc. This is why my response is usually “I sit on my ass all day in front of the computer for a living”.

    Second pet peeve. Standing unaware in the way. I hate when people park in the middle of the aisle of a grocery store, in front of a doorway, and are unaware of their surroundings to the extent that they block people from moving along, while chatting, or being distracted. If you are just genuinely looking at products in an aisle, and are there, fine. Take up the space you need to do the shopping at whatever speed you want. But if you’re just gonna chat with your friend about that awesome party you went to last night, then just be aware of surroundings, or try to stand out of the way so you can be blissfully unconscious while not getting in people’s way.

    Third pet peeve. Pushy Sales people. This just gets under my skin from the moment you begin your pitch. If I know it’s coming, then it begins as soon as you smile at me.


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