April 14th, 2016 by Jan

Topic #8: A book you loved and one you didn’t.

This topic does not excite me very much. If you read this bloggy thing you’ll know I give book reports quite often.

My still favourite book is And the Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier.

I was about half way through, when I realized and remarked, This is a fantastic read. I think about it often and for now it is my go to book when anyone asks for a book recommendation.

I’ve read a lot of incredible books, but my memory is crap, so it is nice to have one I can call out, right off the top of my head for cases like this.

The one I’m reading now is also a good read. The Birth House by Ami McKay. The story is okay, but I totally love how McKay writes. Good writing makes a good book. (Duh.)

Now for a book I didn’t like.
I’ll go all out here and say all five of this years Canada Reads selections to me were real dogs.

To be fair, I haven’t read Bread and Bones yet, and I’ll give it a go when it comes up at the library, but the other four… ugh. It could just be me though, like I said in a different post, I’m tired of reading about tragic lives, even when they have a happy ending.

Ken and I are in the van camping in Tofino as I write this. It’s windy, rainy, cold and wet. On days like this, I’m glad I have a good book (or three) with me.

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