February 13th, 2019 by Jan

There is a lot of snow in Sechelt right now.

The weather is only one reason we haven’t been out of the house since we came home from Ken’s surgery last week.

We have enough food in the freezer and pantry to survive a bit longer, but I’d really like to get out to the library soon!

I need a new read!

Not long ago, our library had a special day where the staff members wrapped up a book in plain brown paper and challenged us to not judge a book by the cover.

I chose a medium size book, recommened by Jeanette, and unwrapped it at home.

Neverhome by Laird Hunt.

The first sentence of this book is:
I was strong and he was not so it was me went to war to defend the Republic. I stepped across the border out of Indiana into Ohio.

Neverhome is the story of a woman, who hid her identity, left a loving husband, and their working farm, to be a solider and fight in the Civil War.

I do not like war stories of any kind, and this was a rough one. There is no glory or goodness in war. It doesn’t matter how tough you are. War is hell. And the after math and scars left from war can be worse.

The story is told by Constance, who went by the name of Gallant Ash. She tells her story plainly and truthfully. The prose of the book was matter of fact, filled with the horror and cruelty that is war.

Through out the book, I wondered again and again… why? Why does any one go to war? Why, would a woman leave her life for war? Why would anyone? Why are people so mean?

Nevertheless, Neverhome was a good read.

I never would have chosen this book my own. I appreciate our library for their creativity in finding a way for me to read something out of my comfort zone. Neverhome will stick with me for a while.

BTW – Ken’s surgeon called to check on Ken yesterday. He had the pathology report as well. While we didn’t think there would be, it is nice to have confirmation that there is no cancer in our boy! Ken is doing well, and while we used to be interesting people – our constant talk of pee and poop continues.

Ken is making good progress every day now. It is nice to be on this side of wellness. It won’t be long now before he is back to his old, healthy, and wonderful self.


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