September 23rd, 2014 by Jan

It took me a lot longer to read the book I just turned the last page on that I thought it would. I finally finished it and I give it 4 stars.

The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall

I picked up this book at BIRD (Bowen Island Recycle Depot) which at times is better than the library. Often Ken and I take more stuff home from the re-cycle centre than we leave there. Ken brought home a chain saw as well as a book, the other day.

The book case at BIRD is usually full of novels and cookbooks, as well as parenting magazines, and once in a while a People or Oprah magazine. I stopped bringing home magazines, as they are just ads on glossy pages, full of shit no one needs, and I sure don’t want. But quite often, I come home with a good book.

The Lonely Polygamist cracked me up. There were times I laughed out loud, but there is also serious drama about a twisted and very dysfunctional family living The Principle.

Golden Richards lives near Las Vegas, and has four wives and 28 children. The author would have you believe that a mid-life crisis is the reason Golden has an affair. But really, Golden is just a dumb guy who never had a chance at a life of his choosing.

Like his father before him, and his children and wives after — free thinking, education, and doing what you want to, only bring trouble.

When a child dies in a desperate attempt of getting a little attention, Golden and his wives find it is better to just suck it up, for family, church and god— Life is what it is. While I rooted for a break out, it didn’t happen and I guess I can see why.

Even though it took me forever to finish this book, I really enjoyed it. The Lonely Polygamist, would be a fun book club book. And, while I don’t belong to a book club, I sure would like to spend some time talking about this book.

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