March 24th, 2014 by Jan

There are a hand full of books I’ve read more than one time. Usually, I read it, return it, or pass it on.

The Big Book of AA is one I’ve had more than one pass throughs. At almost 30 years in recovery, I continue to read and refer to it. The same goes for the Yang Family Secret Transmissions – you know, the brown book – I also re-read the red one quite often as well. (Points if you know which one I’m talking about.)

Another book I started almost as soon as I finished was on OCD! No irony there! Gabor Maté, In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost was an instant re-read for me. Now, just as I finished, I’m starting again, the book by Cameron Diaz called, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

Yeah, just what we need, another Hollywood super star telling us what to do to create a super slim and pampered body that will look good on the red carpet. But, that is NOT this book. As a matter of fact the author is adamant in telling you often what the book is not. “It is not a diet book. It is not a workout regimen. It is not a manual to becoming a different person.”

This book is a guide to the human body in words that I understand. It’s the class, I wish had been offered years ago and the class I wish I had gone to.

I bought the audio version. I tend to listen to non-fiction books and sight read fiction. I am an auditory learner, as well as kinesthetic. If only tai chi books were on Audible!

Anyway – The Body Book is a plethora of information. Both, supportive and inspirational, the chapters are on nutrition, psychology, exercise, history and habit. It is grounded in science and informed by practice.

Again, this is not a 7 days to beauty or a year of magical health. This is a book that says we live in our bodies and we have to take care of them. Day in and day out. Our bodies are our home and it takes practice to stay comfortable in them.

5 Stars.

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