August 15th, 2016 by Jan

We have a doggy again!

Her name is Miss Boseman, but we tend to call her Boze, Curly Butt, Pickle, Biscuit, Pumpkin Pie, Cricket, and Hey You – Doggy!

Boze is an incredibly sweet Portuguese Water Dog , 10 years old, and knows all the things a doggy needs to know.

She is smart and knows how to cuddle, sit on the sofa, eat cookies, look cute, and chase a stick as long as we will throw it. She also knows the usual good manners of sit, stay, come and go. The same manners we expect of most dogs and all children.

Boze barks to say hello, but not obnoxiously, at least most of the time, except when she is meeting a new dog – then she barks and runs at them. Not her best habit, but not the worse dog trick either. She really likes her tummy rubbed, but then again, who doesn’t?

A Portuguese Water Dog ”water” being the word of focus here, she is more of a soaker than a swimmer. she loves the water, but as soon as she is in, she sinks down on her tummy and soaks. It’s pretty cute. Of course she swims if you throw a stick, but from what I’ve seen so far, she is more of a, relaxing in the pool, kind of dog.

If anyone gives her a little attention, or tells her she is pretty, she will lean on them. If you are sitting, she will crawl up on your lap.  Like most dogs, Boze is one to eat, sleep, take a walk, and poop everyday!
And I do mean EVERYDAY!

Bozie used to live on Quadra Island with our friends the Cannons, but we actually met her years ago on Bowen Island. Ford and Linda, who by the way, gave us Cricket – made our life better again, by letting us take Miss Bozie Boze Bozer home with us a couple of weeks ago.

Her old pals Morley and Trixy probably miss her a lot, but also probably get more treats now, and her new pal Moser shared some toys, romps, and cookies with her at Ken’s birthday party.

I’m not sure who is happier at the Parker house, me, Ken or Boze. I do think we all believe we won the best life lottery as we hang together. I do know the three of us get along quite well.

We make a fine fam damily!


Our life is better with this sweetie of a sweet doggy and her life is about as perfect as it gets for a senior dog!

If we didn’t have plans for a lot of road trips in our new van, I’d say the only thing we could do to make everything even more better*… would be to get an orange cat and name him Peet!

*I know the phrase ‘more better’ is poor grammar, but it seems to fit in this case.

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