January 13th, 2014 by Jan

My last sleep was full of dreams. Even Peet purring on my head, and batting my face did not deter my slumber because last night, I invented a new app!

Yup, — a dream app, I call it Follow Me! It’s a wonderful and useful tool for those whose dreams are dull or out of control.

How it works is: before you go to sleep, just set your dream app for a simple “follow”. Then when your first dream begins, decide what you want to follow.

Last night I choose the colour orange. As my dream took off, the first orange thing was a tangerine, and so I focused in on that and followed it towards a fruit salad, but I also had the choice of  following an orange flowered hat. At every new image I was able to follow along and see what else came of it, or change to a new topic, and take the dream onto another path.

There was one door I went through, long after the orange chapter was done, but I changed my mind when it got too dark. All I had to do was turn around, set the app for something else and off I went into another guided dream state. It was great! I woke quite satisfied with this big fat idea.

Now, I just need to talk to Allyson about it, and find a budget for marketing! ☺

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