Big and little

April 11th, 2012 by Jan

I like looking at the night sky.

For the most part our night sky is pretty good. I can sit on our patio, tilt my head up and see a fair collection of sparkles, more if I’m willing to walk up the road a bit.

Our night sky is nothing in comparison to where my best friend Sandie lives in Kauai. One visit we sat in lawn chairs for hours, watching the Milky Way from a spot on her island. I would say, for every star we see off Bowen Island, you can see about a gazillion more from Kauai. (I really don’t know the math ratio, but you see more there, than you do here.)

This morning when I clicked on the Astronomy photo of the day, this film took my breath away.

Now, I accept that there are places near and far that I will never visit, there are things that I will never do, and sights that I will never see. We all make choices on how and where we live. I believe Ken and I have chosen well. And yet, I get restless. At times I think I want more, better or different… I crave change. Sometimes the change I seek is a bigger view of the night sky, but more often it’s smaller, like changing the mindless way I turn on the TV to watch whatever is on.

It’s all relative eh? In so many ways, my world is huge and in many more ways, I live quite small.

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