August 7th, 2015 by Jan

It is hard to keep up with this bloggy thing this summer.

We are in the throws of company and during the month of August Ken and I figured out that we will have the house to ourselves for only three, maybe four days.

We love our friends and are very glad they want to come see us. All are welcome.

During the fire our friends Dan and Doe planned a visit and while it was really hard, we actually asked them not to come. The air quality was so bad here, we would not be able to go for hikes or show them around. Then with the death of Peet and the drama of my trip to NM, I just wasn’t up for company at the time.

Now a little time has passed, the fire is contained, the air has cleared, and time heals all wounds (Except, I still cry when I speak of Peet) and company coming is in full swing.

Peter came for a couple of days, then Allyson, now Marian and Moser are here. Anna arrives tomorrow or the next day and then Joe and Sandie will be here.

Then it will be September.

No wonder I haven’t updated for a while.

Here are a few quick fun highlights though.

We took an amazing boat ride for Ken’s birthday surprise up to Princess Louise Inlet.
We’ve had the row boat named Pearl out several times and saw crazy looking jelly fish.
Walks have resumed.
We saw a bear with her cub and high tailed it out of the area.
It’s rained. (Yay!)
We are eating out of our garden.
Ken turned 69 and we celebrated.
My dad is still going; not strong, but going. My brother Art is still my hero!
Life is good — and we expect it to continue being good.

I’ll write when I can, if not when I have something to say.

Oh, big news… I’ve agreed to take on a student for private lessons.


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