March 5th, 2017 by Jan

I take no stock in daily horoscopes. Yet, I’m in the habit of reading mine most days.

I like the musings of Georgia Nichols, for no other reason than that she is a Bowen Island girl. Today I feel Georgia has been watching me out of the corner of her eye.

My horoscope for today says:

Today you will work hard at whatever task is set before you. You won’t be erratic. Quite the opposite. You will work at a steady pace with strength and endurance and you will pay attention to details.

In other word —  you are stubborn and determined and will not let go of a big fat idea that requires you to sit for hours, ripping thread and making your hands hurt.

It’s true.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I am taking a quilt apart.

I’ve been ripping and picking for about 3 days now. I hope to be finished before my hands totally give out.

Most people, would move on and say, “Jeepers, that quilt is nice, but it’s not my favourite.”

For a while, I thought I might give it away, or that Boze, would like a nice dog bed. I know I could donate it, or I could just add it to the ever growing pile of quilts in this house.

I could MOVE ON!
But, NOOOOO!!!

I like the fabric. I’m just not happy with what I did with it. And now, I have a big fat, better idea.

So, I pick. I sit and pick, and won’t stop until every friggen stitch comes apart.

And yes, I bemoan myself for experimenting with machine quilting, before I had a clue of how to machine quilt something.

Pick, pick, pick.

The good news is perseverance furthers and I’m passed the half way point. There is no turning back now. Also, I’m creating a zillion little pieces of thread that I can put outside for the birds to use in their nests.

We are happy Boze is the breed of dog, that does not shed. Her hair is not all over the house. Unfortunately, I’m the breed of quilter who not only puts quilts together — I take them apart, so my shirt, and the floor are totally covered with thread too short to save!

And yes, dear Georgia, today, this Taurus will work a steady pace with strength and endurance.

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