April 21st, 2014 by Jan

I’ve told this story before – I’m telling it again, because really it has been one of my life’s puzzle and I think I figured it out today!

See, my family has a history of generations sharing the same name. People are named for other people.

For example,
My paternal grandfather was named William, who named my father William, who named my brother William.

My maternal grandfather was named Arthur, who named his son Arthur, who named his son Arthur. My parents named my other brother Arthur.

My mother was named Alice. So was her mother, as was her Grandmother.

So, both of my parents were named for their parents and both of my brothers carry the names their grandparents.

William, William, William.
Arthur, Arthur, Arthur
Alice, Alice, Alice.

My name is Jan.

I was told my mom liked the name because it was short.
When I pushed, I was told I was named for Catherine Ann.

Do you see my puzzle?

This morning I was sorting through old photos and I found a picture with the name of Catherine Ann written on the back of it.

I think I finally get the connection!


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