November 17th, 2017 by Jan

In the training room on Bowen Island, sat a clear jar, on one of the shelves. This jar was full of little scraps of paper, containing handwritten and typed up, words of wisdom.

When I or a student, got a little restless, or in need of a fresh look — into the jar we’d go. We’d pull out one of the slips, and read for insight, inspiration, or a spark for conversation.

One of my favourites, and the one I came across today was:

“Good push hands happens in the moment — not in the habit.”

Now, I haven’t pushed any hands in quite a while. Yet, as I continue my hand at living this life on a fresh basis — this lesson is just what I wanted to read today.

I’ve a lot of habits. Some habits serve me well, others not so much. For instance, my habit of taking a daily walk goes in the “good” habit column. Sugar, I am finding, is poison for me. Yet I am baffled as I continue to give into it. I do it without thinking. Pure habit.

Habit by definition is to have an automatic reaction to a specific situation, a non-thinking, but often trained, reaction. Giving into habit , for me is taking a break from thinking.

The greatest brain fart is habit.

It isn’t just good push hands that happens in the moment — it’s life!

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