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November 24th, 2013 by Jan

Yesterday I saw something rare. I saw a young child alone out on a chore.

I was outside watching the hummingbirds war around the feeder Ken keeps full of sugar water, and I heard the running sound of boots. I looked out on the road and small girl was running up the hill by the house towards the mailbox.

It was a rare sight in that these days there is usually an adult close by whenever a child is loose in the world. No adult and I caught on quickly that this little girl had been given the great treat of being able to go get the daily mail all by herself.

She ran quickly to the mailboxes, fumbled a bit with the key, and stood on her toes, to reached in, and collect the treasures only found in the daily mail. Which in this day and age isn’t much except bills and flyers.

I was reminded by my niece that people don’t write letters anymore, they text and call to stay in touch.

Anyway, back to the kid.

Normally I don’t pay attention to children, Jim says I give them the respect they deserve, still I watched this little girl on her solo adventure and wondered if she would remember the day her mom let her go all by herself to get the mail. I imagine she will. Kids just don’t get alone time in public any longer.

She ran fast to the mailbox, but after she gathered her reward, she was in no hurry to get back home. She dawdled to cross the street and then paused by the side of the road, and looked up to where several crows were sitting in the trees. The crows were calling and cawing and this little girl started to caw back at them.

It was something I do. Talking to the birds in call and response. And probably for the first time in my life, I thought, that’s a cool kid.

Then, I yelled at her to get off my lawn! 🙂

2 thoughts on “apostaboutakid —seriously

  1. Jim

    Nancy – they go onto Jan’s lawn. The gingerbread and raw bacon are just tooo irresistible.

    The savvy ones avoid the trap door.


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