August 20th, 2014 by Jan

True to the post I wrote a few days ago, there is a lot going on in my life right now, and I am not taking the time to write a deep and gratitude filled post about the day. But, make no mistake, today I am full of gratitude. I’m also busy! So, here is a list of stuff I’m thinking about.

Today I have 30 years of sobriety or 10957 days of choosing a life worth living. I think this is a big deal.

Best post on Facebook came from Kim Ivy with this. — “The power of Change is found in the skill of holding yin and yang together and moving it through the heart.”

I’m wondering how to get tested to see if my bone marrow matches my friend, then I wonder when I can find the time to do this, then I wonder why I would even ask about time.

My push hands skill has kicked in and I am not near as freaked out about selling the house. In fact I’m quite excited and looking forward to whatever is next. Finding centre — defines boundaries.

I’m glad to know I can still piss people off. It’s that compassionate smart ass in me that I can’t seem to shake and not everyone knows how to take.

After 11 years, I gave two weeks notice at the O yesterday. It will be weird and wonderful not to go there each morning. I will miss being able to take home the leftover food the kitchen staff offers me, and I really will miss those amazing knuckleheads. ☺

I’m thrilled to see that my own practice of raising my hands and asking for the pure and clean to come my way can still humble me and bring me to tears,

What a day! What a day! Is my new mantra.

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