March 3rd, 2014 by Jan

If you see me out and about today — tell me to go home and get some work done!

I have a load of paperwork waiting for my attention. There are emails to answer, bills to pay, bloggy things to update, thank you letter to write, and birthday cards to send. But, for some reason, my bum is not in the chair I use to get these type of things done. I’m sitting in a different chair. The one I sit in quilting, switching channels on the TV, and playing Words with Friends on the iPad!

It is easy for me to beat myself up about not being disciplined or doing the next right thing. Then, I am reminded of my student who complained about not being able to create what she called “a steady practice” over the years.

I asked her to tell me about her practice — she said, “Well, on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays I spend about an hour on some qigong and my form. On Friday I just think about it, and I never do anything on the weekends.” Then she added, “It’s so discouraging!”

Uhm… four days a week in active practice, one day spent thinking about it, and weekends off? Uhm… most people I know would kill for a practice like that.

So, I will quit dramatizing my “need” for work and get to it. My list is made, this post may be boring, but it is almost finished, and I’ve moved into the right chair. I know what to do next.

Today is Monday. I took more than the weekend off and yes, last Friday, I thought about stuff.

If I owe you a letter — it is in the works.


1 thought on “Allons-Y!

  1. Laura B

    Sometimes what we think we need to do is NOT what we need to do. Sometimes our bum just belongs in that quilting chair, or our legs just need to take us out to walk by the sea. Things will get done in their time…….


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