August 18th, 2014 by Jan

Some history.

Last week Ken and I decided to take our house off the market. Having it for sale has been not trouble per se, but we felt a bit like we were just waiting. And although we continued with most of our routines, etc. We held off on some projects we wanted to get done and had an underlying sense of… waiting.

Plus, we know as we get older certain things will adjust and change and one of them is money. In four years we will be a bit more “settled” on retirement income and such, so we thought, we could stay here for  four more years and then make a move. Besides it is so beautiful here and safe and friends, and Peet, and, and…

Then there was wind of an offer coming our way.

We said, if it’s good – we’ll go and if it isn’t good, we’ll take the sign down and settle in.

The offer wasn’t bad. It also came with a letter of introduction of who the folks were who wanted to buy our house. They told us who they were and how much they loved the place, and how they plan to grow their family here, and on and on. It was a nice letter. (Note to self when buying real estate, write a nice letter.)

We countered the offer and without fanfare, they accepted it. Done and done.

We sold our house!

Now, there are some conditions they need to meet before it all goes through, but it is out of our hands. And to tell the truth-I’m totally freaked out!

Watch out what you ask for in life because chances are good you will get it. And I know my fear will change into excitement soon. But right now… I’m in sellers remorse mood, and if I could turn back the clock, knowing what I feel right now.

I would.

Allons-Y! What kind of motto is that?

It will all be okay. Ken by my side and what ever we do, we’ll do it together.

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