May 31st, 2014 by Jan

Over a month ago, we brought home a Dodge camper van. It’s old and was in pretty bad shape. After loads of work, loads of money and a good deal of sweat, we are ready to take it for a spin.

Ken did most of the work, so did our mechanic Chris Leigh. Ily Allan sewed the curtains, the women at the FOAM store covered new cushions. Even I scrubbed and scraped a bit to get this van ready. Marian Bantjes was extremely generous giving us the fabric she designed for the cushions. They look awesome!

So, with all the scrubbing, new parts and work, this van, looks fantastic. After a short stop at the building centre for some propane, we are on the next boat!

Our plan is to go out towards Abbottsford where there are a lot of RV stores and some camp sites with hook ups — we have a list of stuff we want to try out and a list of stuff we think we need — we have a notebook handy ready for notes for the things we find we really will need or want.

More than anything the transformation from what this van looked like and the shape it was in when we brought it home — to what it looks like now (including new tires, belts and hoses, cushions, curtains, a floor, and various other parts, mechanical and visual). I will just say Wow! (We don’t actually know if the toilet or shower work yet, (we think they do) — We know, the stove and fridge work, as does the radio!

We are excited to go. Road trips with Ken and the best.

Last night I sent a note to Bo the Eat More Kale guy asking for an EAT MORE KALE bumper sticker, it could just be the finishing touch we need.


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