December 4th, 2013 by Jan

It’s cold here. Not Alberta cold or Yukon cold, but Bowen Island in December, without rain, cold.

So, this cold and dark morning, I got ready for my quick morning walk, and guanqifa practice, at the lookout, by dressing super warm.

I started thinking of my old friend Haim, as I put on my fleecy super warm pants. (He was a stickler for keeping warm) Linda came to mind, as I put on the pretty wool socks she gave me last year. I continued. Marsha made the sweater, I was with Sandie in NYC when I bought the scarf. The mink earmuffs were her moms. Then I pulled out the big warm Hudson Bay coat, that Rosie gave me several years ago. The one I had lined with my mom’s satin wedding dress, at the suggestion of Janice. I grabbed the flashlight Marian had given me and walked out the door.

All bundled up and ready to brave the cold, I was feeling warm and grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of the people in my life.

I made it all the way to the gate, before I realized I was still wearing the house slippers Dorian gave me.

Jeepers, I thought, I’m 58 years old and I can’t even get dressed by myself! ☺

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