Again with the practice.

May 3rd, 2012 by Jan

I haven’t sat at the torch in quite a while.

Today’s Step has most of my attention, and I just finished piecing the top of, if do I say so myself, a really pretty quilt. So when I received a request for some key chains and zipper pulls, I turned the kiln on, picked out some summery colours, sat down to make some beads.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a stash of beads right now. I actually cut a row of beads out of the cool beaded curtain, that hangs in our living room window to fill the last order I received. I just didn’t take the time needed to make new beads and felt that was easier.

So, I made some beads on Tuesday. Meh… I’m out of practice. I made a few simple beads, nothing special. I wanted to “crank out” the order, but it was hard getting back into it the process, and even though I think all beads are wonderful — these were, as I said… meh. I was rusty and knew I could do better.

I persevered. Yesterday I sat again behind the flame again. The beads were better, I started mixing the colours a bit more, adding bumps and lumps, and by the evening, as the kiln filled up, I was on a roll and felt good about what I was creating.

It would be REALLY GOOD if I spent a bit of time at the torch again today.

You see practice makes a bit of a difference!

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