November 23rd, 2017 by Jan

I don’t usually do those advent calendar thingys.

This year though, my friend Sarah shared this particular one and I’ve decided — I’m in.

I have no idea when you are to start an advent calendar. Actually, I know nothing about them at all, except you usually get a small gift. This one is different, in that the small gift is one you give.

Each of the following daily reminders includes a suggestion for a payment, a small monetary gift that in 24 days could grow into a donation, payable to a charity of your choice. At the end of the challenge, take the money collected and give it away, preferable somewhere local, that serves those less fortunate than you.

Day 1. Pay 25¢ for each woman in your family who graduated high school
Day 2. Pay $1. if you rode in a car today, pay an extra $2. if you drove.
Day 3. Pay 25¢ for each light switch in your house.
Day 4. Pay 10¢ for each pair of shoes you have.
Day 5. Pay $5. if you never had the power turned off due to inability to pay.
Day 6. Pay $2. if you’ve travelled outside of Canada.
Day 7. Pay $2 if you bought a fancy coffee in the last month.
Day 8. Pay $2. if you went to work and earned an income today.
Day 9. Pay $1. for every refrigerator and freezer in your house.
Day 10. Pay $1. for every cell phone you have.
Day 11 Pay $1. if you graduated form university
Day 12. Pay $1. for every TV in your home and $1. extra if you have Netflix.
Day 13. Pay $2. if there is more food in your pantry, than you can eat in two days.
Day 14. Pay $2. if you have more than one bank account. Pay an extra $2. if you have investments that earn income.
Day 15. Pay $2. if you slept in a warm bed last night.
Day 16. Pay $2. if you’ve seen a doctor in the last year for something fairly minor.
Day 17. Pay 50¢ per faucet in your house.
Day 18. Pay $1. if you bought gifts for others this season. Pay an extra $1. if you bought a little something for yourself.
Day 19. Pay $1. if your home has more than 25 books. Pay $2. if you have more than 50 books.
Day 20 Pay $1. if your either of your parents went to university. Pay $3 if they both did.
Day 21. Pay $1. if you are traveling over 100 km for the holidays. Pay an extra $2. if you are confident your car will get you there.
Day 22. Pay 25¢ for every coat in your closet.
Day 23. Pay $2. if you can name more than 5 people who love you.
Day 24. Pay $2. for each pet you have.

Donation time!



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