November 9th, 2014 by Jan

The big news in my life is that I am learning a new skill. Yup. Well, I should say I am trying to learn. I’ve had one lesson, and unfortunately I was so excited when I was getting it, I kinda forgot to pay attention.

I remember being in the training field out back during one of the first or second push hands camp I came to with Sam. I was so excited to be learning that I was jumping up and down, my heart racing so that I was the antithesis of the tai chi I was trying to learn. It was a lot like that on Friday night.

We hosted a house concert for Radim Zenki. If you read my first post on the concert I copied the write up from the poster, and truth be told I was not looking forward to the evening.

I mean really, how can someone play an evening of jazz, new age and bluegrass music on a mandolin, flute, and didgeridoo? I really hoped I could sneak out and not be noticed.

Wow, was I surprised.

To my great and utter joy, Radim was incredible. He is a talent like I’ve never seen. He played a plethora of instruments; stringed and wind. He is so skilled and entertaining and such fun. His music was moving and inspiring. Over 22 people filled our living room and it was a really fun evening.

But, for me, the best part of the night, happened after everyone left. It was near mid-night when Radim opened up his bag of ropes and started twirling! He move out to the patio, and under the full moon, he twirled and jumped through the spinning rope. He sent it over his head and  back and forth, around and around. It like watching a cowboy in a wild west show.

I loved it!

I’ve had that particular feeling of excitement several times in my life. A feeling like no other. I had it once when I saw Tai Chi for the first time, once when I saw a glass bead being made, and once when I tried to write a story.

I want to be a rope twirler! Yup! I know what I’m going to give the next 10 years to!
The numbers.
12,340 steps taken
1603 words tossed at the page
1 bowl of popcorn consumed ☺

One thought on “acertainfeeling

  1. Laura B

    I remember this being one of the questions in one of the contests. Now I’ll know to answer YES!

    Really, it is SO exciting, isn’t it? Hard to keep the chi down sometimes. I felt the same way the first time I picked up a fiddle.


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