June 15th, 2013 by Jan

W. C. Fields said, “Anyone who hates children and dogs can’t be all bad.”

I’m not saying I’m all bad… but…. I was accused the other day of being the equivalent to a racist or sexist or some other terrible person with strong ideas about a certain segment of society. In my case, children. Put in that format, I suppose it is true. We have very few children in our lives. Very few.

Children bug me. I’m not a fan and well, I have no apologies for my feelings. Oh, of course I’m not speaking about YOUR child — your child is special and above average! I’m speaking of the other children. The loud ones, with half eaten sandwiches hanging out of their mouths, and snot bubbles in their noses. The ones that break your stuff and command the centre stage of life.

There is a reason Ken and I don’t have children. Social services would be on speed dial if we did and it wouldn’t be for our protection. Call me a childist if you like, I can live with that and again, I don’t think I’m all bad. And now I totally see why Mr. Fields would group dogs and kids together in his famous quote.

Our one and a half year old, great nephew, Tyler is visiting. (I think we have only had one other kid in this house in all these years, Nick was here for the night in 2001.) Tyler brought his parents with him because someone has to carry his stuff after all.

One thing I’ve come to realize about all this is there isn’t much difference between Moser and Tyler really. Both play with the same toys, we speak to them both the same way and expect about the same stuff in return from them. Both are still being trained, but with Tyler, we call it learning. Both can make me laugh, both make me nervous and both require great care and watchful eyes.

I also realize all I ask of children and dogs are manners. Hence we teach (or try to teach them) come, sit, stay and go. Those that learn are more enjoyable to be around for sure.

It’s nice that Jen and Jeff (the parents) want Ken and I to be in the life of their child. And I suppose I could open my heart a bit and let Tyer in, after all similar to Moser, he is pretty cute. Especially when the snot bubbles are wiped off.

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  1. Jim

    Turns out I was reading this post with a half eaten sandwich hanging out of my mouth, and a snot bubble in my nose….


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