A work of art.

September 14th, 2012 by Jan

I’d like to drop some names.
Ann Moon, Darryla Green-McGrath, Chukki Mains, Jerome Martinez, Jeff Potter, Nancy Walker, Laura Stocker, Kim Kasasian, Tam Davage, Robert Semeniuk, Alice Del Dosso, Koré Grate, Marian Bantjes, and as of yesterday — Delaye Corbett!

These are a few of our creative friends, who have artwork in our home.

They say, if we don’t support our artist and our poets, we will not have art or poems.

Worse, creative people will have to work at jobs they hate just to pay their rent. And, I believe their artwork will suffer and will express this dissatisfaction, and the rest of us will then be subject to bad art and bad poems.

The last thing Ken and I need in our home is more stuff, yet yesterday I had the great privilege to buy two pieces of art from the world renown sculptor, Delaye Corbett.

This was a big deal for both of us; but for different reasons.

Buying art is not like buying groceries. We don’t need pretty paintings to survive, good art can be a real splurge. For us, basic needs have to be met before we take on luxury. Ken and I are very conscience of how and when we spend money. And because we choose well, we are able to make decisions like this without regret. Still, buying art seems so very decadent.

Now, on the side of Delaye, one of the most inspiring and talented people I’ve met, he was happy to sell these pieces for two reasons. One, his work is going in the home of someone who will appreciate it and two; by making this deal, his said his rent would be covered.

I don’t usually think shopping is what any of us need to do, but let me encourage you today. If you are able, please spend a few bucks and support a creative person in your life today.

Go ahead, buy some music, a painting, a piece of jewellery, some sculpture, or even an app.

Support your local artists and help keep a roof over the head of someone who adds beauty to the world.

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