a new location for an old idea

March 11th, 2012 by Jan

I’ve posted, blog like, on my personal website notebook, for a few years now. I enjoy the practice. I love the JanParkerArts.com web site and the guys at Arkiom who created it and support me fully on the venture.

My notebook has been a place where I can post whatever I want. At times it is a photo, a quote, but more likely I just post rambles of what I’m thinking; a lesson learned, a memory or I tell a story.

Unlike other blogs in the world though. I have no button for others to post their thoughts on what I share. In some ways it is good and I like that particular feature. My way or the highway; right or wrong, this is what I think. Nanny, nana. I write on the site with a small grain of denial, that no one even reads it.

Moving the notebook to a site with a comment button changes my reality in some way. There will now be a way for others to add their 2 cents to what I post. On the strong side of good – I’m looking forward to hearing from you. On the small side of what the what the fuck! I’m a little nervous that one of two things may happen.

1. The reality of the fact that no one really does read my notebook will become a fact I’ll need to face.

2. Someone may say something mean and I don’t like it when someone is mean to me.

Case in point the other day someone (who I don’t know, gave me shit for charging $3.99 for the app Allyson and I just produced). They left a post on a public group forum saying, “fuck your app.” I spent all day being upset about this one comment from a person I don’t even know. Instead I should have taken delight in 10+ comments saying how the app was wonderful and would be helping others!

Knowing doors open and close and open again and can close again. I’m take the step to change the location of my daily notebook to this site. With this change folks can now comment on each post. I hope you take the opportunity to add feedback and dialogue on the topic du jour.

It may take a while for me to figure out how posting here works. If I don’t like it, I’ll change something again but, here we go! Be the first, the third or the 300th to hit the add a comment button!

I want to hear from you. The only rule I’d like to make is, Be nice. If you aren’t nice… please know I control the delete button.

7 thoughts on “a new location for an old idea

  1. heather

    Yay for trying a “real blog” Jan. I think you will be surprised in a good way. And now that you have RSS I knew right away that you had posted. That’s nice for a not so good at remembering to go check your page person like me.

    One thing Jim and I learned in the blogging class we took is that many more people will read your blog than comment, so if the comments are slow don’t think that means no one is reading.

    Can’t wait to see what you write next!

  2. Jenny

    Heather’s right about the reality that folks will drop by for a read more often than they’ll comment, but I will certainly enjoy the convenience of being able to respond to your posts with greater ease.

    Reading your writing is part of my day! It provides me with inspiration, food for thought, an injection of humor, and a glimpse into your life; all things I value. You are a gifted story-teller, Jan, and truth be told, you’re just getting warmed up! For a long time, only those close to you got to hear your stories, but with the launch of Today’s Step, well, that’s about to change!

    Good thing you’ve diversified your footwear collection a bit; you’re out and about, dear friend!

  3. LB

    HI Jan,

    I’m still reading daily and may even add a comment now and then. Congratulations for Today’s Step, I’m sure that it’ll change lives in many ways.

  4. nancy

    Well it’s about darn time!!!! Hurray Hurray for you!!
    I always seem to want to add my 2¢ (¢=option4) to your blog and now I can ….
    all smiles here ~

  5. Laura B

    Congratulations Jan, for moving over here where we can leave comments. I check your blog every day, and somehow feel that I’m in touch with you, even though it’s been so long since we last saw each other. And now, thanks to my non-empty-step, I’ll have even MORE time to sit at the computer and stay caught up!

  6. Sandie

    I read it every day and enjoy it.
    To have a glimpse into your day/life, see the pictures, hear the stories and insights, plus get a laugh is awesome.
    Have never been to a blog and not sure about that aspect.
    Oh well, Sandie


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