a little song

September 26th, 2012 by Jan

There is a land of dusty roads;

Rattle snakes and horny toads.

It never rains; it hardly snows,

All it does is blow and blow.

New Mexico, New Mexico – I love New Mexico

… and I’m ready to go home to Ken.

3 thoughts on “a little song

  1. Barbara Caton

    my family’s version; “There is a land, where nothing grows, but rattlesnakes & horney-toads. It never rains, it never snows, & the wind it always blows. And how they live God only knows, NM, NM. NM, so fertile & rich, we think you are a honey.”

  2. Barbara Caton

    I’m thinking the original song might have ended after the 2 New Mexico’s….my family (some jokester) could have aded the last line. Barb Caton


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