57 things on my 57th birthday.

May 20th, 2012 by Jan

57 facts about ME in no particular order.

1. I am still married to Ken Parker. He is a good man and continues to entertain me. He said I never took to the leash yet, I am happily tethered to him.
2. All the critical parts of my body are intact and healthy.
3. We live debt free in a safe and beautiful environment.
4. I am a Canadian and a US Citizen and I vote.
5. I have lived 20820 days and been in a program of recovery for 10134 of them.
6. I give money to street people.
7. I thought I was 57 last year.
8. I know how to roast a chicken, a salmon and a rack of lamb, but prefer not to.
9. I look for the moon and four leaf clovers.
10. I have a personal practice that nourishes me.
11. I am teachable — but I have to want to learn.
12. I’m also lazy and can waste a day with no regrets.
13. I’ve learned to go where I am celebrated, not tolerated.
14. Life without dog is hard.
15. There is a tree in the yard with the names of people I have loved hanging on the branches.
16. My favourite flower is lilac; honeysuckle is good too.
17. Some times I am very inappropriate.
18. I’ll take a road trip with Ken any day.
19. I don’t do math.
20. I do cry and miss them when they die.
21. I met Ken in New Mexico, we married in Colorado, lived in Oregon and immigrated to Canada.
22. I am done looking for god.
23. I have lived in 17 states and one province.
24. I was once known as Ruthie Morgan.
25. Going green bores me.
26. I love a good surprise.
27. $3.99 is not too much to spend on an app.
28. The fact that I know what an app is – is a surprise!
29. I still love Facebook.
30. I’ll listen to Denny Crane over Larry David anytime.

31. I love my job at the O.
32. I’ve had the same best friend for over 35 years.
33. I hang my arm out the window, put my feet on the dashboard and sing really loud on road trips. (Don’t you?)
34. There is no such thing as not needing new shoes.
35. I really don’t mind it when Ken and Peet snore.
36. I love the cuss word: Asshat! Actually, I love to cuss.
37. I’ve never seen photos of the tsunami that hit Japan or the one on boxing day in 2004. I wish I never saw the photos from 9/11. But, I do look at Jim’s photos everyday.
38. I would like to see a giraffe in the wild.
39. There is not a lot of difference between my public and private notebook.
40. I rode an elephant on my 30th birthday and saw a bear the day before my 57th.

41. I no longer care about getting a formal education.
42. Or weighing 130 pounds.
43. Or mastering anything.
44.  I never wanted children and am grateful I never had any.
45. Ken is my second husband. Peet is our third cat named Peet. I’ve had three dogs; Laska, Lucy and Cricket. I want another.

One day….
46. I will sing backup like a do-wop girl or a Pip.
47. We will make a JanJimJam CD of the Yang weapons drills. (I’m taking to you Jim!)
48. I’ll get a tattoo of a rhinoceros.
49. Today’s Step will be in the aftercare programs of treatment centres EVERYWHERE.
50. I might get a cell phone.
51. We’ll move to a house with a panoramic view.
52. I’ll dance in a flash dance or maybe a play.

53.  My favourite food is a blueberry stuffed in a raspberry; bacon is good too.
54. I did the splits at 30 mph water skiing and had to learn how to walk again. Sometimes I still limp.
55. I have two brothers I rarely see, and one stepbrother I met last year. I have two step sisters and a half brother I wouldn’t recognize if I saw them on the street.
56. My grandma was always on my side.
57. I love having a birthday and a place to post this.

and one to grow on…

58. I reserve the right to change my mind about anything!

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