May 3rd, 2013 by Jan

In no particular order here are a few things that have happened since I last posted.

After posting here for a couple of years, I can’t figure out how to add a new category for this May 2013 post.

I got a new Mac Air computer and my “old” software doesn’t jive with it, so I am letting go of somethings I used to do and learning how to do others. Marian had to help me with the changes. I really have a love/hate thing going on with computers.

I went to New Mexico again for 10 days. I ate green chile everyday I was there and lost 3 pounds. (No worries, I found them again already) Dad spent two of those days in the hospital, was told he can no longer drive, is eligible for home health care and meals on wheels now, and my brother Art stepped up to be his primary caregiver. Because of this, Ken and I may or may not, move to New Mexico anytime soon.

Our cousins from New York came for a visit and even though it rained the entire time they were here, we showed off our island beauty and gave them a taste of what it is to have a life where we don’t do much. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

Our friend Frank is here for a visit now. Frank and is wife, Linda were our neighbours when we lived in Oregon and we all became wonderful friends. Linda died of fucking cancer a while ago and his visit is giving us the opportunity to again grieve together and tell stories. We are crying and laughing a lot. I gave him the quilt I made with her in mind as I grieved her death last year.

I flew off the hill from Los Alamos to Albuquerque in a itty bitty 6 seater plane with pilots who looked like they were 12 years old. It was a really fun adventure and only took 20 minutes.

Coming home from NM, I was a passenger in a plane, train, boat and car all in the same day.

I was cheered at the Orchard when I returned from being away. It is always nice to go where you are celebrated.

Words with Friends is still an obsession. I have close to 10 games going with five different friends now. The one stranger guy quit playing with me when I won a game! But with the others it is just pure fun and we all hit “rematch” when one game is over and we begin again. I made my highest word score last night when I played “zinc” on a triple and double point tile for 105 points. That was fun.

Frank was surprised when he met Peet last night. He remembers Peet from 25 years ago and said, he looks like he hasn’t missed many meals over the years!

I got up for the sunrise each day I was in New Mexico – I wake early on Bowen, but the day just starts without fanfare here.

I dropped in on my childhood friend Mike in Los Alamos, and we picked up our conversation as if no time had passed. Same goes for hanging out with Kim in Albuquerque. Kim was my maid of honour when Ken and I married and I’ve known her most of my life.

The flowers in the yard are looking good. Ken is working on three guitars for a friend, as well as handy man stuff for another. I like Ken a lot, he makes me laugh.

We haven’t put the house on the market yet. We will, but are in no hurry now.

We had a yard sale and sold over $600. worth of stuff we will never miss. I also sold my scootie, which I already do miss.

A lot more went on in the past weeks. I learned  few new jokes, read a GREAT book titled, The 100 year old man who climbed out a window and disappears. Ken and I signed up for an Alaskan cruise to celebrate our 30th anniversary this summer.

Good times.

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  1. Laura B

    Nice to see you back here again. If you’re not sure you’ll move to NM or not, and you do sell your house, then…..?
    And Alaska Cruise? Oh, Oh OH,,,Whitehorse is just a short drive from Skagway! Love to see you!


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