December 30th, 2015 by Jan

1. I did something new in the sewing room. I started cutting up fabric for a new quilt while the one I’ve been working on is far from finished. This is a first for me.

2. I’m postponing morning walks until the sun is higher in the sky, because the streets are slickery as slick can be. It is safer, and smarter, but I am missing out on some fantastic sunrises.

3. You know that thing where at the beginning of a new year, you hang all the clothes in your closet on hangers that face the wrong way; then when you wear something, you hang it back up the regular way, and at the end of the year — anything you haven’t worn — gets donated? I do that thing. Point goes to Sally Anne.

4. As the year ends, the number of books I read in 2015 is a nice round 50! I’m very impressed with myself.

5. In the running for my 2016 motto is either – Putter and Tend or Simply the Best.

6. Today’s Step is done and done. Allyson and I raised a glass this morning in salute for its conception, creation, and conclusion. I’m very proud of that work and extremely grateful to Allyson.

7. I had an insight about grief while I was out walking today. I’ll share it when I have the words and not just the understanding.

8. It looks like I’m going to continue with this public, yet personal bloggy thing.

9. I don’t know where today went. Perhaps Putter and Tend would make a great motto, if I figured out the Tend part of it.

9. We’re off to Bowen Island in the morning. I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of the North Shore mountains on ferry ride from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay, as well as some friends I haven’t seen all year!

10. Good night 2015.

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