May 11th, 2017 by Jan

I’m at that in-between place in life.

You know the place where you finish one book, and want to start another, but are still attached to the old book and getting into the next one is hard.

This is the place in life where I find I nix a lot of good books. If they don’t grab me right away or pass certain criteria – I put them down, maybe prematurely.

I realize when choosing a new book, there is a check list I run through.

I look first to recommendations from friends. Then I check out the art work on cover. I have to really like it.

I used to choose wine by the label, until I found box wine was working and cheaper! My brother Art taught me to buy record albums by the cover. It’s a great way to be introduced to a lot of odd and wonderful music.

The description written on the jacket is another place I give a nod or toss. If the words, war, fantasy or violence are mentioned, I pass. It doesn’t necessarily matter if I’m into the book already and war, fantasy or violence comes up — but if they are selling points — nope.

Award winning books get positive attention from me, as do first time authors and authors I’ve read before. (if I liked them.)

Last night, I started a new book. I was excited. The book was recommended by a friend, the cover was cool. The jacket description was interesting, and the author is one whose work like. It met all my checks.

So I settled in. Then realized this book was missing the most important criteria I pay attention to when choosing a book. I was sad and knew I’d have to find a different book.

Font size matters.

Reading is hard enough – I will not struggle with tiny type set on the page.

I have a feeling I am passing up a good read, but so be it.

Font size matters.

I’m just saying.

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  1. LauraB

    Hi Jan, if you ever get into e-books, one nice thing about them is you can change the font size, brightness, etc, at will. I have found this very helpful. I do get e-books from my local library, and I have bought some online. They will never take the place of “real” books in my heart, but I have found them useful in my travels.


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